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SOC Service Providers in India

SOC Service Providers in India

Security Operations Center (SOC) Providers in India

Security Operations Center (SOC) Providers in India

Security Operations Center (SOC) Providers in India

What is a SOC?

An Information Security Operations Center (ISOC or SOC) is a facility where security staff monitor enterprise systems, defend against security breaches, and proactively identify and mitigate security risks.

In the past, the SOC was considered a heavyweight infrastructure which is only within the reach of very large or security-minded organizations. Today, with new collaboration tools and security technology, many smaller organizations are setting up virtual SOCs which do not require a dedicated facility, and can use part-time staff from security, operations and development groups. Many organizations are setting up managed SOCs or hybrid SOCs which combine in-house staff with tools and expertise from Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs).

Motivation for Building a SOC

A SOC is an advanced stage in the security maturity of an organization. The following are drivers that typically push companies to take this step:

  • Requirements of standards such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), government regulations, or client requirements
  • The business must defend very sensitive data
  • Past security breaches and/or public scrutiny
  • Type of organization—for example, a government agency or Fortune 500 company will almost always have the scale and threat profile that justifies a SOC, or even multiple SOCs

Focus Areas of a SOC

A SOC can have several different functions in an organization, which can be combined. Below are SOC focus areas with the level of importance assigned to each in the Exabeam State of the SOC survey.

SOC Focus Area

Level of Importance in USA SOCs

Control and Digital Forensics—enforcing compliance, penetration testing, vulnerability testing.


Monitoring and Risk Management—capturing events from logs and security systems, identifying incidents and responding.


Network and System Administration—administering security systems and processes such as identity and access management, key management, endpoint management, firewall administration, etc.


SOC Facilities

The classic Security Operations Center is a physical facility which is well protected in terms of cyber security and physical security. It is a large room, with security staff sitting at desks facing a wall with screens showing security stats, alerts and details of ongoing incidents. Nowadays, many SOCs look quite different. For example, a Virtual SOC (VSOC) is not a physical facility, but rather a group of security professionals working together in a coordinated manner to perform the duties of a SOC.

Managed Cyber Security Operations Center (SOC) : – As organizations going towards digitization, facing more and more sophisticated threats. Our Security Operations Center services combine threat intelligence, active security monitoring and advanced analytics to identify and respond to threats.

Prevent Cyber Attacks on the Transformation Journey

The digital IT landscape is complex. Dealing with multiple suppliers, multiple architectures, and multiple hosting arrangements has made it more difficult to maintain a consistent view of the cyber threat at all levels. And that threat is constantly evolving.

Even when a system is secure, traditional preventive security methods may not fully detect or block frauds and cyber attacks. That is why businesses cannot afford to let these threats stand in the way of transformation.

By having around the clock monitoring and analysis, security is now a business enabler to help enterprises embark on their transformation journey confidently.

Cyber security Risk Assessment: Monitor and Protect Your Business Around-the-clock

Constant monitoring and analysis of the cyber risk transforms security into a business enabler, rather than a problem. Our Monitoring and Analytics services help to establish the cybersecurity capabilities you need to monitor operations 24/7. We deliver them out of a dedicated Security Operations Center that’s either operated in-house or provided as a managed service. We will equip you to identify and prevent cyber threats, and remove them from your systems. With actionable alerts, identification of suspicious activity and forensic investigation, you’ll gain a single overview of your real cybersecurity risks.

Giving You a Proactive Approach to Your Cyber security with Security Monitoring

Cyber security Monitoring

Cyber security Monitoring

We operate 24 x 7 Security Operations Centers (SOCs) as well as support clients to build their own optimized SOCs. Constantly evolving in response to threats, these SOCs are boosted by sand boxing and analytics technologies that accelerate response time to seconds. This decreases damage and data loss. We’re investing to stay in the forefront of the drive towards Security as a Service so that you can take advantage of unique capabilities for business-critical systems, including industrial control systems, SCADA, and embedded systems.

Network Operations Center  / NOC Services in India

Network Operations Center, NOC Services in India

Network Operations Center, NOC Services in India

A network operations center!


A network operations center or NOC Services in India is a single location where a firm and its employees can provide oversight 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help oversee and manage services, databases, external services, firewalls, and the company’s network.

NOC is the basis of a company’s nervous system. A Network Operations Center often called a NOC (pronounced “knock”), is an organization that manages the network 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year from a single location.

This infrastructure environment might be on-premises or hosted by a cloud-based service. The NOC is responsible for managing infrastructure and equipment (from wiring to servers), wireless networks, databases, firewalls, various network devices (including IoT devices and smartphones), telecommunications, dashboards, and reporting. Its management services also include monitoring customer support calls and help desk ticketing systems as well as integration with customers’ network tools, so the NOC has a significant impact on ensuring a pleasurable consumer experience.

Internal NOCs can be created and maintained on-premises, or the function might be outsourced to an external provider that specializes in network and infrastructure monitoring and management. NOC staff are in charge of detecting issues and making quick judgments about how to address them, whether it’s a physical location or a virtual one.

Network operations center activities include the following:

  • Network monitoring
  • Response to an incident
  • Management of external communications (Email, voice, & video)
  • Reporting on performance, quality, and optimization.
  • Installation, troubleshooting, and updating of network components
  • Patch management
  • Backup and storage
  • Firewall management
  • In conjunction with Security Operations, it assist clients in implementing and maintaining an intrusion protection system (IPS) as well as other security solutions.
  • In collaboration with Security Operations, we conduct threat analysis and blast radius examination.

Our Network Operations Center Services

Root Cause Analysis(RCA)

It is a strategy used to track down the basic reason for the issue of imperfection.

Capacity Forecasting

Our instrument predicts how much stockpiling an association will require to identify and measure overall capacity of the production.

Preventive Maintenance

It will assist with guaranteeing that your network gadgets, PCs, and workers are continually working ideally, safely, and dependably.

Proactive Monitoring

Improves the quality of service while costs are reduced allowing companies to respond to changes promptly.

Performance Reporting

The work results of different cycles are additionally dissected and consolidated into performance reports to analyzes a project’s progress and inform stakeholders.

Trend Analysis

It is a factual procedure that attempts to decide future developments of a given variable by breaking down recorded patterns.

Unified SLA

Service level agreements permit associations to characterize the degree of administration they deal with their clients.

Security Patches

A security patch is a change applied to a resource to right the shortcoming portrayed by a weakness.

CPE Management

CPE management executives’ capacities, which improve CPE activity effectiveness and lessens network the board issues.

Benefits of NOC Services in India

Organizations get data at whatever point an issue emerges with the utilization of a NOC Monitoring administration. Specialists will deal with the issues that ceaselessly emerge to keep organizations functioning as they ought to.

There are many advantages related to the rethinking of NOC administrations given by Firewall Firm.

Decrease in Operating Costs
Quick Handling of Incidents consistently
IT Resources are Freed Up for Other Tasks
Organizations with a committed NOC – in-house/on premises or outside – can hope to understand these advantages:
introducing, investigating and fixing business-basic organization programming;
giving an account of organization wellbeing to assist with advancement and issue goal;
checking and overseeing firewalls to guarantee continuous organization and business security;
spotting security issues, similar to dangers and assaults, to alleviate them and limit harm.

Responsibilities Of NOC Service Providers
Service providers for NOCs must create and maintain a business continuity plan and design a tiered organization/workflow. They must track meaningful operational metrics and foster a strategy for hiring, training, and retaining top talent. They should develop and implement a standardized framework for process management as well as establish and maintain a customer experience management program that is effective.

Optimization Of Service Reporting – It depends on easy-to-use reports and alerts with real-time process monitoring.
Shared Threat Analysis – The threat in the analysis is shared in real-time for reduction.
Scanning and Remediation – It is examined and a further course of action as a remedy is taken.
Firewall Monitoring & Management – External threats are prohibited from entering into the system.
Patch Management – It is the process of distributing and applying updates to software in patches.
Backup & Storage Management – It assists to reduce data loss by backup and storage. Policy Enforcement: It applies principled policies for functioning.
IPS Monitoring & Management – IPS log monitoring software collects and monitors IDS/IPS logs, generates security reports, and provides critical alerts to the user
Installations of Application – Different forms of application can be installed into the system. In case of error, it helps to locate the problem.

How Firewall Firm Can Help You?
Firewall Firm has a wide portfolio that includes industry solutions for various IT industries such as Network Operations, Network Planning, NNOC, Strategy Management in Broadband, IT Consulting, Developing NOC services to support multiple domains across IT functionality and integration, Enterprise partnership, and Business acumen systems.

Working with most of the acknowledged OEMs and vendors of FTTH /BNG/ Switches/IOT devices for rapid support and firmware bug repair
WIFI Automations is a leading WIFI automation system that delivers an effective and reliable solution for creating automated connections to wireless networks.
Proactively inform them of any technological upgrade and warn about security hazards.
Technical support for any of these OEMs/Vendors is not available onsite.
All types of ONU/OLT devices, as well as IOT gadgets, will be upgraded to the same firmware.
Data and billing integration among vendors on multiple network elements utilizing Hardware & Software locking systems.

Why Choose Firewall Firm For Network Operations Center Services?
Firewall Firm is skilled in drafting, planning, and deploying the Network Infrastructure across buildings and cities based on fiber, WIFI, Metro Ethernet. It is a one-stop-shop for ISP and MSO service providers wanting to construct high-quality and scalable broadband networks.

24*7 Network Operational Support.
New Technology Evolution With Improved Quality Of Experience.
Opex & Capex Cost Optimization
Proactive Management.
Focussed & Trained People With High Skill Sets.
Driving Continuous Improvement

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The SOC is responsible for protecting networks, as well as web sites, applications, databases, servers and data centers, and other technologies , For more details, Please call us on

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Managed Firewall Service Providers in India

Managed Firewall Service Providers in India

Managed Firewall Service Providers in India

Managed Firewall Service Providers in India

Managed Firewall Monitoring Security Services

An up-to-date firewall can help you protect your organization’s network while allowing legitimate business communication to be sent and received. It keeps bad actors out and can be used to keep employees away from insecure or non-work-related sites.

While a firewall provides excellent security and protection, it needs monitoring and management. Monitoring your own firewall is a time-consuming, intensive, and expensive task that requires security expertise and regular upgrades. Many organizations lack the internal expertise, time, and capital to monitor their own firewalls around-the-clock. For these companies, a managed firewall is an affordable, effective solution.

How a Managed Firewall Works

Firewall Management Services Company in India

Firewall Management Services Company in India

A managed firewall is a service that offers enhanced threat management. Security experts monitor your firewall remotely and can help mitigate any potential threats. To accomplish this, they study your network traffic and learn what normal traffic looks like for your business. When any unusual activity is detected, it can be quickly identified and addressed.

In addition, your provider will perform routine traffic analysis and send regular reports to you so you will have a clear sense of your network traffic patterns and how your managed services team is managing threats to your network.

Expertise Made Affordable by The Economy of Scale

The beauty of IT services like managed firewall is their ability to leverage economies of scale to offer companies the cybersecurity they need, at a price they can afford. In the past, your only option was to create an in-house security solution for your network, which you had to pay for through a capital expenditure.

Here are 3 ways a managed firewall can enhance your company’s operations:

1. Protect against Cyber Crime

Protect against Cyber Crime

Protect against Cyber Crime

Cyber crime is a growing concern for businesses and citizens alike. According to a recent cyber crime report published by research firm Cybersecurity Ventures, cyber attack rates are climbing faster than any other crime and will cost the global economy $6 trillion annually by 2021.

A business that falls prey to a cyber criminal will face serious losses and a tough road ahead. According to a 2017 report published by the Better Business Bureau, half of all businesses would lose their profitability within a month if their critical data was lost.

With a managed firewall, business owners can avoid or mitigate the risk of a cyber attack or breach.

2. Meet compliance requirements

Meet compliance requirements

Meet compliance requirements

As the threat level of cyber attacks continues to grow, so does the burden of compliance regulations. Existing regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and Sarbanes Oxley continue to evolve with ever stricter and more technical compliance requirements. New regulations such as GDPR add to the complexity.

A managed firewall service provider with compliance expertise can ensure your company meets these legal requirements, avoiding the heavy penalties associated with negligence.

3. Ease burden of monitoring

Firewall Monitoring & Management Services Company in India

Firewall Monitoring & Management Services Company in India

The burden of round-the-clock monitoring can be heavy for many SMBs. For example, if you have a small IT department with just one security expert, it’s not possible for your staff to continuously monitor your network.

Most business owners need to stay focused on their core business activities; they don’t have time to become IT security experts. And hiring enough staff for 24/7 monitoring may be too expensive. A managed firewall solution solves both of these problems.

We Can Help

With the support of Managed Edge Security from Firewall Firm, you can shift the burden of network security, compliance, and monitoring to our team of security experts. With Firewall Firm’s Managed Edge Security solution, customers benefit from next-generation firewall services and unified threat mitigation to protect their network, Our experts work diligently to stay on top of emerging threats, current best practices, and compliance requirements.

Our security experts will continuously watch your network for anomalies, strange patterns, or any other indicators of potential threats. We can also take on routine tasks, including security updates and patches, to free your internal resources to help you accomplish more important tasks and projects.

We can provide high levels of security for your network and bill you on a monthly basis, as an OpEx. Through a carefully crafted Service Level Agreement (SLA), we will spell out our responsibilities and what you can expect from us in the event of a cyber attack on your network.

Firewalls can protect your network against unauthorized access and intruders.

As enterprises expand its mission-critical networks with newer applications, many have begun to view network security technologies as the key to prevent intrusion and exposure of critical data. Without protection, companies can experience security breaches resulting in serious damages. The security system that all enterprises should seek to implement in such a situation is a firewall. Firewalls are certainly becoming a critical part of any secure network.


  1.  Failing to save the CONFIGURATION: 90% of the times we don’t save the configuration which gives the problem when we reboot the Firewall or Router.
  2. Configuration done by the Engg is not meeting the company policy
  3. Rules are not used still there in the ACL
  4. Duplicate Rules no documentation of the rules.
  5. Firewall connection exceeds as not taken in account eh VPN or SSL connections while making a DECISIONS or the Firewall is OLD
  6. Memory full issue there is bug in the rules or the configuration making firewall slow or reboots automatically.
  7. Firewall OS is older and new OS is not supported.
  8. Unwanted application are taking lot of bandwidth like video youtube etc. then bring down the productivity of the organisation.
  9. Link problem. The like is not stable and goes down or flaps too much.
  10.  NO QOS done for the rules and on the application.
  11. OSPF or BGP not configured properly.
  12. Poor VOIP quality which may be due to link flap or too much bandwidth taken by other applications
  13. Duplexing not done properly.
  14. Passwords are simple or easy to decode authentication is not upto the mark
  15. MS-SQL is open from the outside for the applications via server with just application authentication.
  16. Anti-spoofing not configured on the interfaces
  17. No logging is done for the system changes.
  18.  Any TCP or UDP packet can go out.
  19. Proxy services are not stopped
  20. Certification not configured on the firewall to have the ultimate Security.

The Last one is important and no one configures firewall for that (certification)

Every one is thinking that firewall is now matured and nothing is need more.

But after ransomware things have changed.

Affordable Managed Firewall Service with 24×7 Firewall Monitoring

24x7 Firewall Monitoring Services in India

24×7 Firewall Monitoring Services in India

Take advantage of our group of dedicated Firewall professionals to manage, monitor and respond to network attacks.
System Management – Allows you to focus on other tasks.
Proactive Security Monitoring – We watch and respond to Internet attacks so you don’t have to.
Network Monitoring – We monitor the firewall to ensure your network stays connected to the Internet.
Change Management Reporting – You will always know what is going on and what we did to fix it.
Customized to Your Needs – You control the level of service that is right for you.

» Best practice configuration
» Unlimited phone support
» Constant access to Web-based monitoring & reporting
» No charge equipment repair or replacement
» Remote firmware updates
» Quick configuration changes
» Outage notice by e-mail
» After hours emergency response from our certified team
» No contract or extended customer commitment!
» This service is provided on a month-to-month basis.

Managed Firewall Support Services in India

Managed Firewall Support Services in India

Managed Firewall Support Services in India

Basic Reactive Managed Firewall Support Services
Just $100 Per Month,

Enterprise Proactive Managed Firewall Support Services
Just $600 Per Month,

Managed Firewall Support Services, Firewall Support Service, Firewall support Services Provider in India

Managed Firewall Support Services, Firewall Support Service, Firewall support Services Provider in India

Managed Firewall Support Services, Firewall Support Service, Firewall support Services Provider in India

Firewall Monitoring & Management Services Company in India

Firewall Management Service, Firewall support number : +91 9582907788

Sales :+91 958 290 7788
Support : 0120 2631048

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