Firewall Firm is a Managed Cyber Security Company in India

Firewall Firm is a Managed Cyber Security Company in India Firewall Firm is a Cyber Security Company in India Provides Next-Generation Firewalls for advanced protection for physical,virtual public,private cloud networks

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Security must be integral, not an afterthought.


40% of all cyber-attacks target businesses with fewer than 500 employees!, More than 40% of SMBs don’t have an adequate IT security budget! , SMBs on average lose $188,242 to a cyber attack and almost 66% of victimized companies are forced out of business within six months of being attacked. , Only 26% of small and midsize businesses were confident their firm has enough in-house expertise for a strong security posture , Despite the threat that data loss poses to SMBs, 70% thought their companies would have difficulty detecting a breach , Did you know the average breach goes undetected for 229 days?



Business Security Facts:

  • You may be attacked, even though you’re small
  • In fact, small businesses are attacked more than enterprises due to their lower security budgets and expertise, both of which equate to greater vulnerability.
  • Cyber criminals gain access to larger corporations through small business networks.
  • Security must be integral, not an afterthought.
  • UTM (Unified Threat Management) is no longer enough.
  • Wired & Wireless need common security policy.

Partnering with IT Monteur's Firewall Firm means:

  • Installation and integration of firewall into the network
  • 24/7 Protection, Monitoring and Threat Response of all access points to your network, offering complete security from outside threats
  • Endpoint Security anti-virus protection safeguards your network from viruses, worms, and other malicious code threats
  • Spam protection through message and e-mail filtering
  • Dedicated Security Team
  • Onsite support as needed
  • Integrated Security with Business Focus

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